To preface, I’ve been really naughty lately.  I’ve made stickies a few times without permission, which is bad enough, but I also lied to daddy when he asked me about stickies u.u  So…Well, naughty boys get punished, and daddy wanted to make sure I had to tell everyone(with picture evidence!) >//<

Punishment basically consisted of a diaper change suddenly turning into my soaked diaper being taken off, chastity cage locked on, suppositories being inserted, soaked diaper being retaped, followed by a 24/7 over top.  About 15 minutes later, I messed myself(and am sitting in it as I type this out).  Apparently I get to sleep like this ;-;  …That’s in addition to the 3 weeks I’ll be locked up…


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"Those tears just tell me this will be an effective punishment.  Should we start with a glycerin after I lock you up?"

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Sometimes a super messy, super soaked diaper can only be made better by a plugged bottom and a squirmy baby ^.^

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Dude can’t hold his morning load and totally loses is outside the bathroom of his apartment. Just bends over and fills the sucker up!

Click the link below and let him know what you think about it.

Someone reposting my video :). Please reblog :), I love the humiliating comments on it and just the plain humiliation of watching my videos spread around the internets :”>

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I used to wear the youth size of these all the time :)

I’m still in youth for most everything…except diapers. I’m in small there…

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The L4s are pretty big on me, but I knew they would be. Better than the M4s being too small possibly (though I feel like they will fit perfectly now that i know how huge these are)

Anyway, my drawer looks pretty nice

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A full series of football kit and nappies :D

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i just ordered diapers online!!